LW036 - 1:35 scale Early Leopard 1 Diehl D139E2 Tracks and Sprockets

Can be used with any Leopard 1 kit

These tracks are link and length that click together with ball and socket joints.

All early production Leopard 1s (the first four batches) and other variants in the family (Bergepanzer 2, Pionierpanzer 1, Biber) were delivered with D139E2 tracks which had rubber blocks with chevron-shaped shoes.

The Dutch Army also used the same tracks throughout most of the life of all of their Leopard 1-based vehicles.




  1. Carefully snap the links from the pour blocks.
  2. Single flat links have rectangular pour blocks for easy identification.
  3. Single angled links have angled pour blocks for easy identification.
  4. On the single-link sections, clean up the pour connections with a file.
  5. Clean up any flash with a stiff toothbrush or similar on the trackpad side. Cleaning on the tooth side means that you will lose some teeth.
  6. Click links together – see the diagram overleaf.
  7. Build tracks in sections, for example, top run, bottom run with kick-ups either end, and connect with angled links and around sprocket and idler.
  8. Remove ball from the end of your sections and butt glue the sections together.

Produced in co-operation with Live Resin.


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